Terms and Conditions

1. It is the client's responsibility to read this Terms and Conditions document and ECLECTIC HAIR AND BEAUTY SOLUTIONS' Privacy Policy before their appointment. 

2. We advise you arrive a few minutes early for your appointment. This means there will be plenty of time for both you and your stylist to prepare, and you will get the full consultation, preparation and treatment time allotted to your booking. Late arrival may result in a reduced appointment time. 

3. Anyone under the age of 18 are not permitted within the ECLECTIC HAIR AND BEAUTY SOLUTIONS salon/treatment rooms, including:
• With an adult during an appointment in the treatment room.
• At no point can a child be left unaccompanied in any area of ECLECTIC HAIR AND BEAUTY SOLUTIONS.
Exceptions include:  
•  They are receiving a treatment. In this case they must be accompanied by an adult at all times and we must be informed at the time of booking. 
• They are with an adult booking an appointment.

4. Unfortunately we do not have the space in our waiting area for you to bring extra guests with you to your appointment.

5. If you decide you do not want all of the treatments booked please inform ECLECTIC HAIR AND BEAUTY SOLUTIONS immediately. We reserve the right to charge for the entirety of time booked. 

6. ECLECTIC HAIR AND BEAUTY SOLUTIONS operate a roaming policy. This means that any client has the choice to visit any stylist they wish to see, subject to availability. 

7. If you are a new client to ECLECTIC HAIR AND BEAUTY SOLUTIONS an anti-allergy test will be required 48 hours before your appointment. 

8. It is the client's responsibility to inform us of any change in health and medication. 

9. Cancellation with 24 hours notice or less will result in a 25% cancellation fee. Failure to fulfill your appointment with no notice will result in a 50% charge. This applies to all services, and we reserve the right to refuse future appointments. 

10. ECLECTIC HAIR AND BEAUTY SOLUTIONS' prices are subject to change without notice. 

11. All personal information is kept securely and privately. Please read our Privacy Policy for further information. 

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